Aleshanee Kiran


RCS 19. Weihnachtsausstellung - 08.12.2013  - Offene Klasse

Bewertung: V4      Mrs A.Chr. Johansson

Very nice head and expression. Good neck and topline. Exc. body. Could have some more angulations. Good bones. A little cowhooked. Could move with more reach and drive. Exc. coat.


RCS 18. Weihnachtsausstellung - 09.12.2012  - Offene Klasse

Bewertung: V1 CAC    Mr A. Voss

Very typical outline. Very nice type and size. Lovely balance. Very typical in head and expression. Good neck and topline. Balanced angulations. Moves well in all directions. Very nice coat and texture. Perfect temperament.

NHA Aarau   -   24. Juni 2012   -   Offene Klasse

Bewertung: V1 CAC    Frau S. Vukovic

22 month old + v.nice; v.typical head, v. lovely expression, nicely built; good prop + balance; exc. coat + color; lovely temperament + ex. on the move; would prefer more bone on him

RCS 31. Clubshow Burgdorf   -  15.4.2012    -   Offene Klasse

Bewertung: V2 ResCAC    Mrs. Connie Svane

19 months, very nice picture with good head und expression, good ear set, strong neck and shoulder, good top line and tail set, strong body, nice deep chest, exc. bone and feet, very well angulated in front and back, exc. mover, exc coat, good temperament

RCS 17. Weihnachtsausstellung   -   11.12.2011   -   Jugendklasse

Bewertung: V1 JCAC; BJOB     -    Mrs Diana Leigh Scott

15 months, well developed for age. well proportioned head. good bite. strong neck and shoulders. excellent ribs for age. strong bone and feet. excellent topline. excellent tail + tail carriage. good quality coat. good movement.

IHA St. Gallen    -    15.5.2011    -     Jüngstenklasse

Bewertung: VV1 Jüngstensieger    -    Herr J.-R. Sauge

8 1/2 month and very prom. puppy male; sweet head, good neck, front and bone; level topline; good hindquarters; moves well; lovely coat

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